Into the Forest Tour


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Spiralling out of control

Crazy spiralling through the caverns of Google Sites –

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A – Z

Hi folks. Just to say I’ve found an extra useful video that might be helpful to other people too, entitled How to create a “My Map” in Google Maps at
My own map is a lot simpler. It’s  somewhere I used to go a lot. Although I haven’t been there since the early 70s it still looks very familiar –,-1.624174&spn=0.025364,0.055017&z=14

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A little bird said…

OK then, I’ve set up a Facebook and a Twitter account. I’ve got 5 pages for organisations on Facebook – and groups for 2 of those organisations – and am following 3 of those organisations on Twitter (the other 2 haven’t joined Twitter). It might be interesting to compare how each of them uses Facebook and Twitter and what they have to say.

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Well, that took some doing, but I think that finally I have got the better of Wiki(whopper)pedia and edited an article – Guernsey Post, in case you’re interested. Firstly there was following all the rules and gathering all the information and then there was verifying it all and then getting the programming to work so that the links and references do their stuff and then checking that the links back to the enormous Wiki(whopper)pedia  had connected to the correct article. Phew!  Most of the links worked easily but a couple were difficult and a couple of the references were also difficult. I have  two programming tips which might help someone else but which I didn’t see anywhere in the official help, 1) Italics – italicize the quotation marks enclosing the text that you want in italics 2) if a word displays incorrectly or not at all try increasing or decreasing the spacing before the word.  All for nine lines of type, and this was the cause of it all – one of the oldest post boxes in the British Isles. 

The Oldest Letter Box, Guernsey 1999 - sludgegulper

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Deja vu

mappr wouldn’t work for me either.  It seems to be similar to a mashup involving Google maps. To get that to work go to Google maps and type in a placename. Click on any of the thumbnail photos (from Panoramio) and lots of thumbnails of still photos  and videos will appear on the map at the place where they were taken (they are geotagged).

Corylus Avellana plaque

letter C letter O r56 Y L U letter S letter A letter V IMG_5672_2 letter L L letter N A ruba

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A surprise

I thought I’d tag the subscriptions to see what it looked like. I discovered that 11 people have tagged MarketLine on Delicious, including Huddersfield New College Library. They have added a useful description to most of their Bookmarks. Click on Huddersfield New College Library’s Bookmarks to see for yourself.

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